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How to: Add a rental property


Milestones Retirement Insights makes it easy to add this income source to a retirement plan. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly integrate your rental property income and ensure the retirement plan reflects all the income streams.

Log In to Your Plan

  • Begin by logging into your Milestones Retirement Insights account. Ensure you are in the appropriate retirement plan where you wish to add the rental income.

Access Advanced Settings

  • Once you are in your plan, navigate to the Advanced Settings section. This is typically found in the menu or settings area of the platform.

Add Income Source

  • In the Advanced Settings, look for the section labeled Income Sources. Click on the plus (+) icon to add a new income source.

Select Income Type

  • Under the Income Type options, you will see various categories. Select Rental or scroll down to find Rental Income.

Enter Annual Rental Income

  • Input the total annual amount of rental income you receive from your property. Ensure this figure is accurate and reflects your expected income.

Complete the Process

  • Follow any additional prompts or steps required to complete the income addition process.


  • Once all the information is entered, click on the Add button.


  • Finally, make sure to Save your changes to ensure your rental income is included in your retirement plan.

Using Milestones Retirement Insights, you can easily manage and optimize all your income sources, ensuring a secure and comfortable retirement.


For more information or to clarify any questions about using the Milestones Retirement Insights tool for comprehensive retirement income planning, reach out to us at 



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